Owing to a worldwide change in the broadcast media concert and opera halls are being  confronted with new tasks. It can be observed that European state television stations  as well as the privately owned broadcasting services are televising artistic work only fragmentary or if at all only  in connection with major events. On the other hand it seems absolutely mandatory especially for the younger audiences that audio-visual content is being broadcast into the social networks and the digital world in general. Live broadcasts to cinemas, public places and the internet in general are attracting a diverse audience. For an unobstructed implementation of these tasks new expertise is necessary.

While the houses already have departments for social media workflow, expertise for the production and distribution of internet live streams is usually needful. Existing experience with live broadcasting is often problematic. The work of TV crews is often perceived as being complex, personnel intensive and expensive. Many TV procedures intervene deeply with the artistic and organizational work of the house and bother both artists and audience.


Yet, a few houses and orchestras  around the world manage to produce regular live streams with great success and completely autonomous. Examples are the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Vienna State Opera and the Cologne Philharmony.

Our experiences from the collaboration with these houses are being drawn together in our consulting services. It is our aim to build structures and skills enabling concert and opera houses to take streaming productions into their own hands. We will help to reduce the technical and organisational effort to a minimum.


For a practical implementation we will either connect you to a variety of highly skilled personnel or could offer appropriate training for in-house personnel.


We see the following advantages:

  • Stage content will be available adequately and on the highest possible level to an audience world wide.
  • The power of decision making and also the rights of use and exploitation remain with those who also make all other decisions and who know their audiences best.
  • With the integration of in-house live streaming many positive interactions between already existing departments are possible.
  • Concert and Opera houses gain artistic and economic autonomy with regard to broadcast media productions.

We have been accompanying the advent as well as the daily operation of the leading streaming platforms ( / / for 10 years now and have been involved in all relevant development phases as TV Director and Director of Photography. With regard to live streaming we can look back to a vast technical and artistic experience in the broadcasting world. We have however developed an advanced tool box which we find much more appropriate for the implementation of live streaming as opposed to utilizing traditional broadcast technology. Highly specialized light weight remote  technology with virtually invisible cameras ensure high-quality broadcasts – almost completely unobtrusive and nearly not noticeable for artists and audience.

This technology will be operated by a small team (5-10 persons) which we have trained for this particular task and which brings a high understanding of the stage and backstage.